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Brad has spent the last 7 years refining his unique combination of coaching tools to bring you the most transformational tools in the world. 

How Can META-Kinetics Help Me?

META-Kinetics can help you…

  • Work with your unconscious mind & bio-field to reveal the exact traumatic memories to neutralise to unlock the health & life you want (even if you can’t remember them).

  • Map out the exact belief systems holding you back from the health, life & goals you deserve (even if you’re not aware of them).

  • Find the root cause of your barriers faster by communicating directly with the unconscious mind.

  • Ask your body directly to reveal the tools, diets & coaches most suited to helping you overcome your barriers. 

What is META-Kinetics?

META-Kinetics is a revolutionary kinesiological system for pinpointing the root cause of symptoms, blocks & challenges by talking directly with the unconscious part of the mind. 

By communicating directly with the unconscious, META-Kinetics quickly & precisely elicits the precise limiting beliefs, thought patterns & stressful traumatic memories acting as barriers to achieving the health & life you want! 

This revolutionary form of ‘muscle testing’ elicits information directly from the unconscious mind & human bio-field in a similar way to traditional applied kinesiology.

Where META-Kinetics transcends traditional kinesiology is in enabling us to gain feedback far deeper than ‘strong/weak’, but instead to gain precise information about the exact memories that led to trauma & the formation of limiting beliefs that ultimately leads to dis-ease processes forming.

We can elicit directly from the body the ‘highest good’ or ‘modality’ therapeutic approach to overcome the challenge, whether that encompasses EFT or therapeutic tools practiced by other therapists. When it comes to healing the body, we can elicit the exact dietary changes, supplements & remedial exercises to complete to aid your recovery in the most beneficial way possible.   

Professional Standards in META-Health

META-Kinetics Coaches are certified by META-Health International CIC, a Community Interest Company registered in the UK for non-profit purposes.

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