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Brad has spent the last 7 years refining his unique combination of coaching tools to bring you the most transformational tools in the world. 

How Can META-Health Coaching Help Me?

META-Health Coaching can help you…

  • Uncover how stress is making you sick and create a plan to self-heal.

  • Discover how the way you think, feel, act & react is interwoven with the health problems you experience.

  • Pinpoint why you have symptoms in this exact moment & what they mean.

  • Uncover the exact stress you need to release to activate your body’s natural self-healing response.

What is META-Health?

META-Health is a revolutionary integrative health system for understanding how the stressful ways we think, feel, act & react in life are interwoven with the health problems that arise for us. 

The META-Health system is based on the understanding that our bodies adapt to be able to survive when faced with stressful, traumatic experiences. This diagnosis model links specific stressful situations in life to specific organ reactions & specific symptoms. 

By working with a META-Health Coach, you can pinpoint the exact stress triggers leading to your symptoms appearing, identify the emotions & beliefs preventing your body from repairing itself and gain insight into why you are experiencing symptoms.

Professional Standards in META-Health

META-Health Coaches are certified by META-Health International CIC, a Community Interest Company registered in the UK for non-profit purposes.

META-Health International Website

Learn More About Brad’s Coaching Approaches




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