Brad’s Coaching Approaches

Brad has spent the last 7 years refining his unique combination of coaching tools to bring you the most transformational tools in the world. Learn more below. 




EFT Tapping



Human Design

How Could These Tools Help You?

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Brad’s Coaching Approaches

META-Health Coaching

  • Uncover how stress is making you sick and create a plan to self-heal.

  • Discover how the way you think, feel, act & react is interwoven with the health problems you experience.

  • Pinpoint why you have symptoms in this exact moment & what they mean.

  • Uncover the exact stress you need to release to activate your body’s natural self-healing response

META-Kinetics Discovery

  • Work with your unconscious mind & bio-field to reveal the exact traumatic memories to neutralise to unlock the health & life you want (even if you can’t remember them).

  • Map out the exact belief systems holding you back from the health, life & goals you deserve (even if you’re not aware of them).

  • Find the root cause of your barriers faster by communicating directly with the unconscious mind.

  • Ask your body directly to reveal the tools, diets & coaches most suited to helping you overcome your barriers. 

EFT Tapping

(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

  • Resolve stuck, unresolved emotions in a similar way to acupuncture but with no needles.

  • Release stress by ‘letting go’ of unprocessed emotions, so you can feel clear-headed instead.

  • Safely resolve fears, trauma, PTSD, limiting beliefs, etc.

  • Verified by 100+ clinical studies.

Matrix Reimprinting

  • Change how you feel about unresolved memories in your past.

  • Release the stuck ‘freeze’ response and send a message to the body that it’s safe to relax.

  • Uncover when limiting beliefs were formed in your life & release the effect they’re having on you now. 

  • Resolve complex trauma safely without re-experiencing or talking about what happened.

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

  • Work towards overcoming Anxiety & Depression by reversing the brain processes that created them

  • Retrain your brain to react in a new way using creative visualisation. 

  • Work with PTSD, Complex Trauma and Abuse safely without sharing what happened

  • Change how you feel using the only neuroscience-led therapy tool in the world. 

Human Design System / 64 Keys

  • Reveal your individual Human Design profile and how it can help you to better know yourself.

  • Uncover the blueprint of your authentic self and how to develop them to live in greater alignment.

  • Learn how to make the right decisions for you and your life.

  • Pinpoint the belief systems & cultural programming getting in the way of living your authentic self.

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