Use this workbook to uncover EXACTLY how truly feeling great about yourself is the key to self-healing your health in 30 minutes (or less). Uncover this hidden link and living a life of health & peace becomes easy.  

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How To Heal Your Health Naturally By Releasing Stress

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Use this workbook to uncover how releasing stress in your life could be the key to self-healing your health in 30 minutes (or less)!

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True-Self Accelerator

A 1-1 intensive live coaching experience guiding you to release the stress that’s making you sick & activate your natural self-healing. Our signature programme backed by the most revolutionary mind-body healing research on the planet. Check it out and apply below!

Anxiety-Away Academy

Our entry-level programme designed to help the anxiety-sufferer feel naturally calm through brain-training. Overcome anxiety without needing to think about it, using coping strategies or fighting your thoughts. Start today.

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EFT Tapping

Matrix Reimprinting

Human Design

About Brad Peters

I’m The Self-Healing Coach completely committed to helping millennials like YOU self-heal your health & feel great about yourself. 

Having self-healed 2 years of chronic Back Pain with no medical intervention, my primary focus is helping others unleash their self-healing response by releasing the stress underlying every health problem – low self-worth & feeling we are not enough.

Download The Be Your Self, Heal Your Health Guide:

Heal Your Health Naturally By Releasing Stress

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